Female Hair Transplant in Delhi,India

Female Hair Transplant in Delhi-India

Female Hair Transplant in Delhi

Today, hair loss problem is not limited to the men, there are many women are also facing hair loss problem. However, every woman wants long, healthy and beautiful hair that can increase a grace to their personality. Unfortunately, due to various reasons women are also facing hair problems and require Female Hair Transplant in Delhi.

What is Female Hair Transplant?

Generally, Females lose their hair due to extreme stress or emotional trauma, serious illness, hormonal changes and menopause, crash diets, childbirth, cancer treatment and thyroid problem etc. are the cause of Females hair loss problem.

Meanwhile, Female hair transplant in India is good for the thousands of females in every city, who are facing the problem of alopecia but cannot afford hair restoration surgery in their own nation.

Why Choose Female Hair Transplant in Delhi, India?

The most important reason for opting Female hair transplant in Delhi, India, it is the lower cost place for female hair surgery and less time consumed in the hair treatment process.

Along with it, experienced doctors and medical staff, decent medical facilities and low costs of medical treatments are the features that make India the favorite medical destination for several overseas patients.

Best Female Hair Transplant Clinic in Delhi, India

Women, unlike men, have diffused hair fall, therefore, they need to consult with the best female hair transplant hospital in India. If you are looking for the top hair clinic, let me tell you that Radiance Cosmedic Centre is one of the leading for female Hair Transplant in Delhi, India.

The Procedure of Female Hair Transplant

  1. In Female hair transplantation procedure, a surgeon takes tiny groups of hair follicles from the donor area of the head and transferring them to the region of the hair loss by choosing an advanced female hair transplant surgery process.
  2. It has seen that hair in women become thin over most or all of the head and females do not bald completely. Therefore, they will have a balding patch in the area of hair partition but in men usually, hair loss occurs on top of the head, so the process will also be different in it.
  3. Usually, hair is taken from sides or back side of the head in both cases of male and female hair transplant surgery.
  4. In many cases of female hair loss, the follicular units are taken from the donor area. After taking follicular units, hair surgeon will place them in-between the existing hair on the bald areas.
  5. If you want to see more about the female hair transplant procedure, see the numerous before and after female hair transplant photos.

Advantages of Female Hair Transplant in Delhi, India

Here are the benefits of opting female hair transplant in Delhi, India:

  1. The best part is the less cost of female hair transplant in Delhi India. If you compare it from western countries, you can get here up to 75 percent saving with same results.
  2. Hair clinic like Radiance Cosmedic Centre runs by world-class top cosmetic surgeons in India. Here you can get the best surgery with the staff who also knows your century language so you can easily understand the process.
  3. Dr. Mayank Singh is international hair association certified doctors for women hair transplant in India are highly-skilled and experienced has done thousands of hair surgeries.
  4. Staff with Radiance Cosmedic Centre in India is well-versed with the modern technologies and the procedures pertaining to the female hair restoration process.
  5. The best part of choosing hair transplant surgery in India; you can take a relaxing break on plenty of places for tourists like Taj-Mahal (the World no 1 Wonder). Therefore, enjoy your trip while undergoing the procedure for female hair restoration in India.

Is there any side effect of hair transplant

Nevertheless, Hair Transplant for Woment does miracles in bringing your lost hair or stimulating the growth of healthy hairs in your receding hairlines, it has got its own minor complications. The side effects of hair transplant are usually minimal and temporary that can be easily treated using medications. Though there are shock loss or shedding observed a few days after surgery, the thickness comes back within a few months.
Following are the possible minor side effects of the hair transplantation that one may experience following the surgery.
This happens in the rare case where your forehead and the area surrounding the eyes can bulge which can last for a couple of days.
A predictable side effect that occurs immediately after this procedure is numbness. It occurs in the donor area for about 18 weeks. If it persists so long then you may need to consult back your doctor again.
The most common side effect that could be tolerated in most of the cases without intaking any form of medications. For some the use of painkillers soothe it. Once your scalp starts to heal, pain vanishes eventually.
Continuous hiccups are the common side effect that affects every 5 in 100 patients. It can last for several hours to even up to several days.
Cysts begin to appear in the areas where the hairs are being transplanted as they are pushed deep into the layers and damage the hair follicles. They are next to the size of small pimples and do not last long. They tend to disappear by themselves but at times you may have to consult the doctor.
As scarring cannot be avoided in any type of surgery, it is the major side effect to be worried about in hair transplantation procedure too as many are genetically predisposed to have intense scarring effects. Especially those who chose to strip plantation method exhibit extreme scarring
Itching commonly occurs when the scars begin to heal and due to the formation of crusts and scabs. However, this can be calmed down by applying moisturizing oils and regular shampooing.
Temporary thinning
The hair that is newly implanted fall off initially after surgery and new hairs start to grow. However, your hair fall is not permanent and it gets rectified within a couple of months.
Infection could be at times possible, affecting one in thousands of cases. Thanks to the use of antibiotics that the adverse effects of infection could be prevented.
Persistent bleeding might be the very rare symptom that requires simple stitching while some bleeding could be stopped by simple pressure.
In Radiance Clinic the hair transplantation is done in a very safe manner to minimize the effect of possible complications and to increase your desired outcome. Immediate remedial measures are also taken if you approach us with any sort of complication.

What Causes Female Pattern Baldness

Female pattern baldness is not common but it can be a huge psychological handicap. On our scalp, the hair sit as groups called follicular units. Baldness occurs when the hair follicle shrinks over a long time, resulting in shorter and finer hair which results in the follicle not growing new hair called miniaturisation. Hence, the follicles may remain active which may generate the possibility to grow back hair with treatments and therapies. Basically, causes of female hair transplant in delhi, india pattern baldness are still not understood perfectly, but the following reasons could be for female baldness:

  1. Anemia and vitamin deficiencies
  2. Many women after reaching menopause find that the amount of hair on their head is now thinner.
  3. There could be changes in the levels of hormones due to conditions like hyperandrogenism, Poly cystic ovarian syndrome, Hypothyroidism.
  4. Family history is a major factor in either male or female pattern baldness.
  5. Stress can also be a precipitating factor

Symptoms of Female Hair Transplant

Hair thinning or balding pattern in women is different from the male pattern baldness. Women pattern of baldness could be:

  1. It starts with widening through the Center of the head and hair starts to thin mainly on the top and crown of the scalp.
  2. The front hairline in women recedes normally with age but mostly remains unaffected.
  3. In women, hair loss is which leads to total baldness like men are rare.

Female pattern baldness Diagnosis is based on the following

  1. Running tests to rule out causes of hair loss.
  2. The pattern of hair loss clinical evaluation.
  3. Medical history.
  4. Folliscopic evaluation.

Exams and Tests

  1. The doctor will examine you further to look for other signs such as the male hormone.
  2. Abnormal new hair growth on the face or between the belly button and pubic area.
  3. Sudden Changes in menstrual periods and enlargement of the clitoris of a woman.
  4. New acne.
  5. Skin Biopsy may be used to diagnose skin disorders that cause hair loss.
  6. A sample of the hair under a microscope is also checked to find problems with the structure of the hair shaft itself.

Treatment of Female Hair Transplant

If women suffer from female hair transplant pattern baldness the results may get permanent, therefore treatment is mandatory. In most cases, hair loss happens with age and the loss is moderate.


The only approved medication by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat female pattern baldness is minoxidil.

  1. Minoxidil is applied to the scalp and for women, the 2% concentration is recommended.
  2. It may help hair grow in about 1 in 5 women. In most women, this treatment could slow stop hair loss.
  3. After consulting the doctor one can continue to use this medicine otherwise hair loss starts again when they stop using it.

Therefore, Hair Transplant Surgery process of woman hair transplant is not that different from men and tiny plugs of hair are removed from areas where hair is thicker and transplanted in areas that are balding. The minor scarring would occur on the area from where the hair is removed and a minimal risk of infection is possible. In that case, you could need many female hair transplants surgery to get permanent possible results.