FUE Hair Transplant in Delhi,India

FUE Hair Transplant in Delhi,India

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) Hair Transplant is the most sought hair transplant techniques. It involves removal of the healthy hair follicles and implanting that into bald areas of the head. Different from the strip transplants, in this procedureindividual hair picked from the back the head and transplanted those grafts individually. This is very effective and non-invasive natural restoration procedure to get rid of from the baldness. Meanwhile,it is a less painful and performed in a singled surgical session by the hair specialists. Along with it, FUE leaves no scar but patients may feel soreness for few days in the transplanted area. Some people think that there can be some major complications, wounds or blood loss during the hair transplant surgery. Therefore let me also make it clear for you that at Radiancecosmediccenter, hair transplant is performed under the supervision expert surgeons and the best part is, this hair transplant surgery has no risk of any major complications with it.

During FUE Hair Transplant surgery, fine incisions are marked by a professional punch device having a diameter from 0.6 mm to 0.9 mm in order to extract follicular units that separate surrounding tissues from restoration area that results into the better hair transplantation. The whole procedure is accomplished under the eye of a highly empowered microscope that enables the surgeon to remove, dissect, design and graft hair follicles impeccably.

Apart from it, Micro- grating is the advanced technology used to implant more hair during the surgical procedure that gives effective results faster. After surgery, the treated scalp heals fully and the restored hair follicles start to grow gradually that may take up to three months. However, no prominent scar is received or no pain takes place in the upper scalp with FUE Hair transplant in India.

FUE Hair Transplant in Delhi is available at one of the best FUE hair transplant clinic called radiance Cosmedic center. It is teamed up with proficient hair transplant surgeons. Meanwhile, an expert panel of consultants attends the patient for screening and explains the full surgical procedure step- by- step, including success rate absolutely free. FUE is a not- scary hair restoration method that is conducted by giving a single prick while the patient is busy reading the magazine or watching television. Patients can leave immediately after the FUE is done the very same day.

FUE Hair Transplant in Delhi

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is a method widely used to give best hair coverage on hair loss. In this process, the surgeon will make precise cuts on the follicular unit and then the extracted hair is taken from the donor part and plants in the area where is balding. In FUE procedure, with a sitting surgeon can extract 4000 to 5000 grafts to give an individual so many hair coverage.

The Advantages of FUE Hair Transplant

Virtually invisible scars: Hair transplant surgeries like FUT, FUE involves making very small, round punches on the back of your head. Every single punch consists of a follicular unit that contains 2 or 3 hairs. At donor area, these punches leave small dot-shaped scars.

But in case of FUT, long linear scars would be harder to hide. Therefore, in case of FUE surgery, a patient can easily conceal these scars even with short haircuts. So it is most advantageous hair surgery procedure.

Minimal Pain after FUE Procedure: During FUT surgery, an elliptical incision is made into the skin down to where the hair bulbs reside before the hair transplant procedure. Therefore it requires sutures that can cause discomfort for many days. But in case if FUE, the patient won’t even need pain medication post-op. Hence, all patients are given medication for both procedures.

Less Downtime: Apart from the less pain benefit, in FUE the small punches require less time to heal and no stitches will require it. Therefore, the donor area heals up within few days after the surgery.

FUE Ensures Natural-looking Hairs: No doubt, both surgical procedure FUT, and FUE can get you a natural-looking hairline and thicker hairs. But in FUE advanced technology ensure your transplanted hair looks absolutely natural even better than other Procedure.

Less Risk of Complications: In FUE Robotic Procedure, there is a lot of the deduction and manual hair transplant procedures are also replaced with robotic speed and accuracy. Therefore, FUE has less risk of complications, scarring, and interruption. Thus, go ahead with Radiance FUE hair transplant procedure to ensure better results.

Therefore, Hair restoration procedure in Delhi is available at Dr. Mayank Singh’s Clinic aimed to provide the best FUT and FUE hair transplant in Delhi,India.

Success Rate of Hair Transplant

Around 50 % of Women and 60% of men worldwide experience different types of hair loss. People often use different types of products and treatments to overcome this loss. Hair transplant is a successful restoration method that involves transplanting tufts of hair. Most doctors believe that Fue hair transplantation is safe with little or no side effects at all.

Transplanted hair lasts forever !!
The main reason why hair transplantation is considered the most effective option for restoring hair is that hair transplantation lasts for long duration . In hair transplantation surgeons use the patient’s own healthy hair follicles to fill in the thinning or balding areas. Transplanted hair will continue to grow even though the non-transplanted hair around them continue to miniaturize and disappear
Hair transplantation in India has a great success rate. It could be anywhere from 95% to 98% successful. This data shows that one has a great chance of getting the lost hair back.
Studies show hair transplants are typically more successful than over the counter hair restoration products.
The success of a hair transplant depends on a few factors: that include the patient's health, hair characteristics , the operating surgeons qualification and experience and the operative techniques. After a hair transplant only a small fraction of transplanted follicles fail to grow. Thus increasing the success rate drastically.

Complication Associated With FUE Hair Transplant

It is quite common that the aftermath of any surgery can have its own risks and side effects. The hair transplantation surgery can also have minor complications that can be easily mitigated by taking some precautions. Hair transplantation surgery is a promising and permanent method of restoring hair loss for Alopecia(Baldness). Fortunately, the risk of complications is relatively low when surgeons perform with innovative, modern surgical techniques and when you choose the right clinic. A complication is actually an adverse event which is not a common or usual occurrence that is caused due to some changes in methodology. Radiance cosmedic centre is one amongst the Best FUE Hair Transplant Clinic In Delhi, that provides hair transplantation surgery which is trustworthy and devoid of any complications.
The complications of hair transplantation procedure can be procedure specific or aesthetic specific. The potential side effects which are mostly temporary include:

  • Swelling: Mild swelling may occur after the procedure which is quite common. There might be swelling in the forehead for a couple of days after transplant. Very rarely, this might spread till the eyes causing bruising of lower eyelids.Radiance cosmedic centre uses its patented techniques and latest equipment where incidence of swelling is under 0.5 percent.

  • Scarring: This is a natural healing process of skin which occurs when our skin is cut or punched. Scarring usually develops in the donor site where some develop a small scar while others have a tendency to develop a bigger scar. Some clinic promise for a scar-free procedure that should be viewed. There is no scarless surgery ever. Just that if it is preformed by best surgeon with best equipments then visibility of scars is minimal even at shorter hair cuts

  • Numbness: in the scalp occurs when sensory nerves in the scalp are cut by punches from the donor site . However, the numbness vanishes in a few days to weeks. If some important sensory nerves are cut accidentally, this might result in permanent Numbness.

  • Bleeding: Slight bleeding occurs around the area of stitches in fut or punches in due. If this happens you can keep your head elevated and apply some gauze over it. Normally at radiance cosmedic centre a complete scalp head bandage is applied after surgery hence no visible bleeding is ever encountered. You can also apply constant pressure by placing the palm on your head for about few minutes. If bleeding still occurs. You may consult the doctor.

  • Itching: Some degree of itching is common after transplantation procedure due to healing . To overcome this discomfort, spraying the hair initially and then shampooing it daily can minimize the itching. If itching is more you may apply cold saline pack or cold ice or water .

  • Pain: Certain killers are usually recommended by your doctor to combat the pain experienced post surgery. Solpadeine or Panadol are the best painkillers to provide better relief after surgery.

  • Cysts: When many grafts are transplanted then one or more cysts occur. They usually disappear by themselves after a few weeks and also can be treated effectively.

  • The aesthetic specific: complications occur when the patient’s expectations and the goals of the procedure are not met thus resulting in dissatisfaction. Therefore it is better to have prior consultation regarding the results, risks or complications before undergoing the therapy.

The radiance cosmedic centre that provides the Best Hair Transplant In Delhi has a team of renowned plastic surgeons who are amongst the very few , certified by the American board of hair restoration surgery .They perform the procedure with utmost cautiousness thereby minimizing any kind of risks and complications. Do fix an appointment with us if you wish to undergo this procedure without any complications and flaunt yourselves with strong and silky hair.

Top Reasons to Choose FUE Hair Transplant

Here are Top Reasons for choosing FUE Hair Transplant

Get you a Natural look: Earlier, the hair transplant was a scalp lifting procedure involving 4–5 millimeters punch grafts on bald spots which use results an unnatural look.But at this stage, in FUE Surgery doctor uses follicular unit grafts, which planted a millimeter in diameter to create dense and natural looking hair.

FUE is better than FUT: FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) is another popular method of hair transplant, which is also called the Strip method.

Hence, this method involves surgical removal of a strip of scalp from the back sides of the head and implanting them on the bald spots.

But the donor area that is stitched after the surgery, it leaves a linear scar that can last a long period of time. However, In FUE, it extracts individual follicles, leaving small dot like a scar that heals rapidly.

Body Hair Transplant: FUE Hair Transplantation method is most suitable for BHT (Body Hair Transplantation) because sometimes male pattern baldness doesn’t have enough follicles available for harvesting.

In that case, hair surgeon takes follicles from the chest, arms, or legs to implanting them on the scalp.

The FUE method uses punches to remove individual grafts rather than removing a strip of follicles and it also ensures a quick recovery.

FUE Recoveries are Fast: In this fast-moving world, it is very difficult for people to take a long period of leave from their work. Therefore, FUE is a great option for the fast recovery.

This procedure can be done within a day or in just 2/3 sittings depends upon the hair loss. A patient doesn’t need to stay in the hospital; they can go home within a few hours.

The small dotty scars of FUE surgery can heal fast and you will be ready to do normal work very soon.

It can also cover FUT Scars: FUT procedure remains the same as a normal transplant and hair follicles are extracted from a new donor site and implanted on the bald areas. In that case, FUE can be used to cover up the linear scar from the donor area.

Undoubtedly, FUE is an excellent option for people suffering from baldness, but at the same time, it is mandatory to find the right hair transplant clinic and best hair surgeon in India. FUE hair surgery results depend on the skill and expertise of the hair surgeon.