Hair transplant For Men in India

Hair transplant surgery For Men in Delhi

Male Pattern Baldness refers to a common condition which is a problem faced by every other man and over the years various treatments have been presented however none has stood the test of time than the Best Hair Transplant For Men In India which is quite safe and gives satisfying results. As per Dr O’tar Norwood whose definition of male pattern baldness is also known as Norwood classification, Androgenic Alopecia is a condition that affects men and there are two main patterns and several less common types. In the normal Norwood pattern, the two areas of hair loss are.

  1. Bitemporal recession
  2. Thinning crown

The hairline gradually decreases until the entire front and top and crown (vertex) of the scalp becomes bald. Enzymes in male bodies lead to the conversion of testosterone – the principal male sex hormone – into dihydroxytestosterone and this is the key factor behind miniaturisation of hair follicles and would have the best hair transplant for men in India There are three types of unique and parallel phases in hair cycles called Anagen, Catagen and Telogen phases. Each phase has a specific purpose and characteristics that define the outcome of the length of the hair. Since all three phases run parallel the strand of hair can be present in a different category and require the Best Hair Transplant For Men in India. For Example like one strand of hair might be in the Catagen Stage, while the other one might be in Telogen Stage.

The hair on your scalp comprises of its own roots which are present in a cavity in the skin names as a follicle. Hair receding initiates when the hair follicle contracts over time and there is not enough time for the new follicle to come back in its place which causes shorter and finer hair. This results in the inability for new hair to grow. However, the follicles which must have gone through the normal growth cycle remain dormant, which gives the strong chance for new hair to grow with the effective and the cheapest hair transplant in india.

Baldness is not just a medical condition that hampers someone’s confidence and self-esteem. Hair is an essential part of our appearance and the only way to turn your baldness with a permanent solution is to have Hair transplantation by the Best Hair Transplant For Men In India which is regarded as the safest surgical procedure. Patients usually have very little or no discomfort while undergoing the procedure or after the procedure is completed successfully and can get back to day to day activities within a few days. In a few months you can observe the new hair growth and within no time you can get back your confidence and self-esteem back. To get the best hair Transplant For Men In India, Radiance cosmedic centre is the right name for you.

Regrow Your lost Hair With Successful Hair Transplantation

You would have heard or discussed regarding the hair transplantation procedure with your friends or family members, just to ask for an opinion to undergo the treatment for your hair loss or baldness. But still, the question that keeps on revolving your mind is whether the transplants are successful? Yes, they are. Here are some information provided that clarifies your ambiguity and guide you to take a great step of regaining your lost hair. Radiance Cosmedic Centre in New Delhi provides Best Hair Transplants For Men In India which are successful and long lasting , at the same time, they are cost-effective. The procedure is done using cutting edge technology by highly experienced and qualified professionals that provide you with a greater scope of restoring your hair thereby enhancing your confidence level.

Some facts about Hair transplantation and Baldness

Hair transplantation is a procedure in which hair is taken from one part of the body and is moved to another part where there is less or no hair. Usually, for the male pattern Baldness, the surgeon moves hair from the back side of the head to the front side where baldness is seen. The baldness is mainly caused due to the genetics you acquire from either of parents side. The male pattern Baldness occurs as receding hairline with thinning strands around the crown of your head. This area will go bald over a period of time. This might happen for some in teenage itself.

Whether hair transplants are successful?

  • The procedure is very successful and time tested now and lots of people across the globe have already opted for it and had seen fruits of success that had also made a significant difference in their quality of lives.
  • It also increases and boosts your happiness, self-confidence, and self-love back thereby driving away the timidness in you.
  • About 10 to 95 percent of transplanted hair will grow back in an estimated 4 to 12 months.
  • The success of a hair transplant depends on the full growth of patient’s hair after the transplant, that normally takes a year.
  • The key to a successful hair transplant depends on two main things. Firstly, the number of hair follicles available for the transplant and viability of transplanted hair. Second thing depends on the skill and experience of the plastic surgeon to place the follicles at the right place with the correct angles and directions, such that they begin to simulate natural hair growth.
  • Hair transplant success also depends on the excellent team and expertise of the plastic surgeon to achieve productive results. So it is better to go for a reputed clinic that delivers you the best results.

The Radiance cosmedic centre is the Best Hair Transplant Clinic In Delhi, that provides transplantation service with utmost precision and perfection. The clinic comprises of a panel of specialists are well trained and have more than a decade of experience in the field.
Definitely, the surgeon performs the process of hair restoration by applying his surgical skills and also the sense of aesthetic to bring back and promote the growth of natural hair.
Dr. Mayank Singh who has been awarded multiple times as the best surgeon for hair transplant in Delhi and in India, is the best decision if you want to get early and natural results.
Hence , do fix an appointment with our doctor in this clinic and bring out a rejuvenating effect in your face with enhanced hair growth.

Can your body reject a hair transplant?

In organ transplant the organs are taken from a donor. In hair transplant for men the hair is taken from the patient itself. So the chances of it by not accepting are very less. If you receive hair, follicles, and tissue from someone else ,your body would reject them without immune-suppressant drugs. In hair transplant one donates hair from what are called donor sites.
Sometimes the grafting process is not accepted by the scalp. Reason for it could be the immune system of patients body. In this case the scalp will reject the hair transplant leading to poor results . The chances of hair rejection are very low as the hair of your body is being relocated to the scalp ensuring a match amongst the follicles. These consequences are very rarely experienced by people.
After a hair transplant recipients generally get back about 25% to 60 percent of existing hair density. If hair is very thin and has been for many years , waiting for a hair transplant procedure isn't a good idea.